Strategic communication consulting

Strategic communication refers to how your organization communicates its mission and positions itself as an actor in society. This high-level strategy brings alignment to other communications activities — including internal communications, public relations, media relations, social media, and marketing — to ensure your efforts cohesively advance your mission.

My approach starts with getting to know your communication goals, challenges, what sets your work apart, and who you’re trying to reach. Based on market research on your target audiences and their current perceptions of your work, I will work closely with your team to craft compelling messages that advance your communication goals — whether that’s connecting with donors, influencing policy change, growing your social media following, earned media placements, or increasing web traffic. Then I recommend a slate of creative avenues to deliver your messages to the right people at the right time, and you’ll come away with a comprehensive strategy that can guide ongoing communication efforts. The strategy includes a targeted press list and press pitch template to set you up for success in your media outreach. 

I’m especially interested in working with organizations that serve marginalized groups, and I aim to develop messaging that emphasizes individuals’ strengths, agency, and expertise gained through lived experience while pointing to the systems that deny certain groups equal access to opportunity. A strategic communication plan can elevate your organization’s mission, advocacy campaign, research findings, or upcoming event.

Want to learn more about what goes into a communication plan? I’ll send you a template to get started.

Writing circles (in-person or virtual)

My writing circles aim to help participants capture their authentic voice on the page and express something true about “what it’s been like for you.” These types of personal narratives are valuable for self-reflection, and the circle provides a supportive space for creative expression and cultivating empathy.

The typical 60-minute writing circle includes two writing prompts, with 15 minutes of writing time to respond to each prompt, and then an opportunity to share with the group. Writing prompts can be tailored to address certain topics or group goals. Consider hosting a writing circle as an empowering exercise for your clients, corporate team-building activity, creative practice at a retreat, or to develop your students’ writing skills. 

>>Wondering if the writing circle experience is a good fit for your group? Try out my monthly virtual writing circle and see what you think.

Storytelling starter pack

For a special rate, I facilitate a writing circle with your group, and then provide narrative editing and writing coaching for up to two writing circle participants to prepare their pieces for publication as op-eds, personal essays, or blog posts.

Full storytelling package

For a special rate, I facilitate a writing circle with your group, and then provide narrative editing and writing coaching for up to two writing circle participants to prepare their pieces for publication. From there, I develop a strategic communications plan tailored to your goals that incorporates the two pieces resulting from the writing circle. 

Copy editing

Details make the difference in the professional presentation and credibility of your written products. My attention to detail, strong command of proper grammar and punctuation, and journalistic approach to fact checking will polish your research report, blog post, or marketing materials to their full potential. I have more than a decade of experience writing for mass audiences and translating technical and academic jargon into plain language. My copy editing will improve the overall readability of your product and ensure every detail is on point.

I’m also available for:

  • Freelance reporting
  • Virtual event planning and production (experience with Zoom meetings, Zoom webinar, StreamYard, Mural, and Google Jamboard)
  • How to Work with Journalists virtual workshops

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