Narrative building workshop

This workshop aims to help participants build their narrative power, which is the ability to influence broad narratives that shape how people think about social issues. Incorporating evidence-based principles of good storytelling and persuasive communication, participants develop the skills to share their stories in meaningful ways as op-eds, personal essays, blog posts, or advocacy statements. Workshops are tailored to address topics of interest and group goals.

Communications strategy for nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are frequently so invested in doing the work that they don’t have a chance to step back and think strategically about how to communicate the impact of their work. This workshop outlines the ways a communications strategy can advance your organization’s goals and covers the basics of creating a communications plan, including: 

  • Setting communications goals
  • Identifying and understanding your audiences
  • Developing core messages
  • Determining communications tactics and performance metrics
Working with journalists to tell your story

Drawing on my journalism background and media relations work, this workshop covers: 

  • An overview of the news media landscape
  • How to determine what’s newsworthy
  • How to pitch to reporters
  • Tips for nailing the interview

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